Renovation of a two storey apartment in Marousi, 2018

DESIGN TEAM: Jason Vayanos, Natalia Kokosalaki
RENDERS: Jason Vayanos

(Project description follows below)

Casa Clara is a complete remodel of the interior of a two storey apartment in Marousi. Our design revolved around the themes of “Earthy” and “Ethereal”, using skylights to bathe the interiors in natural light, and a palette of warm and inviting materials throughout the residence. Rich wood paneling–arranged vertically or horizontally–on walls and ceilings bring a tactile natural element to the spaces.  Furniture and decorative elements were built into the wood slats to create niches that embrace both form and function.

The high ceiling of the living room is further accentuated by the vertical wooden slats over the metal shelving. A two sided fireplace can be used from both the living room and the cozy reading niche under the mezzanine. A skylight above the interior circulation brings light in and adds a greater sense of space. The kitchen and washroom are finished with a luxurious black marble flooring, and white marble vertical elements.

On the lower floor, the master bedroom is enveloped partially by the wood paneling, creating a desk and continuing down the wardrobe, a theme with continues in the master bathroom, providing a warm and spa-like feel. The children’s bathroom is more playful with seafoam tiles and modular lights.

Storage space is provided under the stairs, which become fully integrated into the building, and which form a small countertop for a bar area near the cozy downstairs living room.

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