Penthouse renovation in Athens, 2021

DESIGN TEAM: Christina Karavasili, Natalia Kokosalaki
PROJECT MANAGER: Haris Kokosalakis
PHOTOGRAPHER: Gavriil Papadiotis
RENDERS: Christina Karavasili

(Project description follows below)

A proposal that suggests clean lines and fine textures in order to create bright and minimal spaces with main emphasis given to detailing. Materials used pronounce sophistication and timeless elegance. Urban apartment with roof terrace in central Athens.

In this case, we were asked from our American clients to fully renovate an 80’s apartment on the 5th floor and connect it with a new staircase to the roof of the building. Our brief was to make a comfortable two-bedroom flat with a den upstairs plus a roof terrace that would accommodate a bbq and dining area and a lounge corner.

The earlier state of the apartment consisted of a fragmented and dark space, with small openings and an overwhelming material palette. As you entered the entrance was dark and the extended use of wood made the living room even darker. Kitchen was disconnected from the living room. Bathrooms were too small and also felt quite narrow and dark. Outdoor spaces on both levels, full of debris and antennas, were not in use despite their potentiality for lovely views of the Acropolis.

On our proposal we emphasized on the ‘radiating calmness’ and ‘beauty in simplicity’ concept, the white walls with a soft-hue color in order to make the space as bright as possible. We focused on the details to bring the sophistication on the scheme, with design interventions like the full height doors, brushed brass details, the spitfire ceiling fan, marble on the kitchen counter, backsplash, shelf and island the minimal navy blue accent cupboards, the white oak flooring.

Our first design strategy was to remove partitions to create an open, inviting space as you enter the apartment, allowing some perspectives to stay open between the Parthenon and the kitchen. Living – dining – kitchen area that feels airy and light with elegant mid-century modern style furniture. Then the team reshuffled the back of the house in order to make room for two good size bedrooms and a spacious bathroom that combines the bathtub and shower into one unified wet zone that has the same material on the floor and walls. This layout allowed for a 2m long double vanity with more open counter space around the under mounted sinks and wall-mounted faucets and taps.